Contact centers


Call Centers for Customer Services

DSR helps you to fully realize the value of your call center records.

DSR solutions can manage hundreds of VoIP communication channels using SoliDBank® 601 Flat VoIP type devices.  Large volumes of data are automatically copied to SLDCenter archiving, servicing and system administration centers, as configured by the client.

The SLDC organizes the recorders into one homogeneous system.  Here all voice recordings, replies, filters, and archives are safer, yet easy to use and analyze.

In this call center AVAYA Communication Manager and AVAYA IVR are used. All calls, and call related information, are recorded by using port mirroring (or port tapping). Replaying the records, and processing conversations, is done by using the SLDCenter. This system provides a long lasting, reliable, and homogeneous solution.

Another advantage to this system is that it can be easily converted into a so called active recording solution by installing some DSR AVAYA VoIP 100 digital voice recorders.  These devices actively communicate with the AES server through the AVAYA DMCC/TSAPI interface.