Financial sector

Financial Sector Services

DSR helps you to collect, organize, and safely store your written and telephonic records.

In financial transactions it is vital to document all levels of interaction, from written contracts to telephonic records. With the help of DSR you can record, store and archive all telephonic conversations. From reception desks to archiving the same high-level of security is enforced throughout.

 In this sample application a bank and brokerage system is recording 7/24.  In addition to the bank's own communication, all telephonic transactions with its brokers must be centrally recorded and stored . The core of this system is its ability to communicate with different signal sources, coming from its brokers and branches.  As landlines and mobile phones are involved, different black-box digital recording devices are needed at each location.

As soon as a call is closed, it is copied automatically to the bank’s central server. The connection is made via secured VPN.  Records stored on the central server can be listed, filtered, and replayed.

Archiving to NAS/SAN or DVD disc is fully automated and scalable.  The central archiving and system administration module is capable of managing all recorders, and storing their records into a single consolidated system.

For added security calls are segmented into the bank's own calls and those of the broker and stored on different servers. Replaying, listing and all other administrative activities are handled from the bank’s central location.

Key aspects of this system include:

  • consolidated centralized database
  • immediate duplication
  • centralized archiving and system administration.
  • easy to scale to new branches and brokers