First responders

First Responders

First responders require the precisely coordinated work of highly qualified people to do their job and save lives.

Firefighters, police, rescuers, ambulance and other first responders rely on effective communication tools designed for extreme conditions. Besides traditional CB radios these services use the TETRA system to ensure safe and stable communication channels, even if other devices fail.

 DSR  tackles the digital recording need of a countrywide TETRA system, 7/24.  All specially coded recordings, replyies and archiving needs, from hundreds of recorders and several archiving centers, are organized into one consolidated system.

The communication of firefighters, ambulance, police, etc. is assigned by Motorola devices.  DSR is able to store these radio signals in one system, where they are listed, can be played back or archived. Both analogue and digital communications are supported.

For more information: Solutions, Motorola radio recording.

DSR solutions can integrated to existing DSR implementations, e.g. a landline recording system. All recordings can be stored in the same database.