ALES deal with the development and production of advanced computer-aided systems for both ATC/ATM and Air Defence applications, radar modernization and consoles manufacturing for the above purposes, as well as building in DSR Group's digital voice recording solutions. ALES was founded in Czechoslovakia in 1992 by former radar and computer professionals of the Czechoslovak Air Force. After Czechoslovakia splitting up the ALES continue doing business in both its successor countries - Slovak Republic and Czech Republic by establishing two corporations.
Alfa-Services Ltd.
Alfa-Services Ltd. is one of the first private companies established in Republic of Albania having trade activities in IT and telecommunication market. Alfa-Services Ltd. is actually one of the most powerful companies in the Albanian market trading printers, photocopiers, faxes, scanners and multifunctional equipment and is the unique distributor of DSR Group in Albania.
CTI-PRO Ltd. was founded as an independent distributor of the telecommunication hardware produced by the Intel (and other vendors like: PIKA, Amtelco, Ai-Logix) and software development tools from Envox (CT ADE, CT Connect, Envox suite), Pronexus, Vertical and Apex. CTI-PRO ltd. orientates itself on central and eastern European markets. Company long-term purpose is to creating conditions for fast quantitative and especially qualitative expansion of computer telephony on territory of central and eastern Europe to achieve similar state of art to western Europe, USA and Canada.
Fabricom GDF SUEZ
Fabricom is the Belgian reference in terms of innovative technical installations and services for the industry, energy, tertiary and infrastructure markets. Fabricom is part of the Belgian Business Unit of GDF SUEZ Energy Services.
Multi Need sprl
MULTI NEED partners with leading European manufacturers in Control and Trading Room furniture, such as GESAB, INDUSTRIE DESIGN and others, with GIROFLEX multifunctional 24/7 chairs, the high-class seating furniture JORI, MILESYS Reception point kiosks and DSR voice documenting solutions.
R-SYS Ltd.
We are a project-oriented IT company providing services in development of custom SW/HW solutions and system integration. For project performance we employ field-proven technologies and exploit our long-term experience in analysis and solution design, its customization to the user's environment and requirements guaranteeing a flexibility in responding to any demand of our customers within both public and private sector.
Radas s.r.o.
RADAS, s.r.o. (Ltd.), the private business company, was established by employees of the former Research Department of the ATC Administration of the Czech Republic in 1994. The experienced team has been focused on development of the ATC fully integrated modular cost effective system ALS for regional and middle-sized airports.
Algotech Company
Algotech is focused service organization and system integrator that empowers solutions tailored for wide range of businesses, contact centers and service providers. All solutions are supported with service portfolio that includes consulting, solution design, system integration, service support, as well as tutorial and training.
ART TeleCom Ltd.
ART TeleCom KFT. (predecessor: ART Telefon BT.) was established in 1991 with the aim of satisfying all info-communication needs of people. Today the once little company helps enterprises, institutions and private people all over the country. Only in Bács-Kiskun county the company has installed more hundreds of PBXs and still handles maintenance of these devices.
Assono Hungary Telecommunications Ltd.
Assono Hungary is a customer-oriented company offering comprehensive solutions for enterprise communications needs for domestic and multinational companies, government organisations and institutions. It can connect employees, information and clients of the entity via state of the art communication solutions and also provides its customers with the most effective technologies available.
Bravogroup Rendszerház Ltd.
Bravogroup Rendszerház Ltd. was established in January, 1999 under the name Műszertechnika Rendszerház Ltd. The company deals with selling office-, visual- and telecommunication equipment and related services.
Csöngető Telefonszervíz Ltd.
Csöngető Telefonszervíz Ltd. was established in 1995. In the beginning the company dealt only with telecommunication, but as demands were growing, it widened its light-current profile so that he company became to undertake considerable tasks as generate implementation.
Delta Network
The experts of Delta Network offer the most appropriate communication options of our technically complex environment for our clients, from the planning of structured networks to the provision of advanced maintenance services to existing systems. When shaping the portfolio, we tried to fully satisfy the needs of our clients with the effective addition of communication technology elements.
Dimension Data
NextiraOne are Europe’s leading experts in communications services. With a direct sales and service presence in 17 European countries. Supported by an alliance of more than 100 service partners worldwide, they offer their multi-national customers best-in-class solutions and services wherever they are in the world.
DND Telecom Center Kft.
DND Telecom Center Ltd. has been playing a significant role on the Hungarian wireless communications market. The main activity of the company is to manage complex FM radio systems. It includes planning, marketing services connected to execution, operating radio systems and organizing maintenance and repairing tasks connected to operation.
ESTEREL Magyar Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Kft.
Euronet Hungary Inc.
Founded in 1994, Euronet’s main field of action was primarily cabling and network design. Nine years down the road, we address almost all sectors of the market: telephone and Internet service providers, banks, governmental organizations, large and medium sized enterprises. The company has experienced steady growth the past years. Euronet in 2001 become a distributor of Genesys and IBM voice and call center / contact center solutions. Our team of software engineers is also working on developing more sophisticated CRM and business management software.
Fercom Communication Ltd.
Fercom Communication Ltd. was set up in 1994 and soon has become the leader of the wireless telecommunication market in Hungary. Fercom Ltd. is the only supplier of the largest two-way radio manufacturer, Motorola in Hungary. Their business is complex, covering all fields of radio communication. Their main profile is designing, implementing, operating and servicing two-way radio systems, and besides they provide two-way radio and accessory retail, wholesale, servicing and maintenance. Fercm Ltd. has also won the qualification of being the "qualified and authorised supplier for NATO".
Forró Drót Kft.
Since the 15 years of existence the company has reached significant success in planning, installing and operating light-current systems. Due to this expertise, the company operates systems and networks all over the Hungary. Its PBX systems and structured networks offer ideal, cost effective solutions to its respected partners.
GFM Trade Kft.
GFM Trade Kft. deals with the distribution, installation and maintenance of Alcatel-Lucent telecommunications and IT devices and solutions to serve small-, mid-size and enterprise business partners.
H.Biztonsági Kft
H.Biztonsági Kft-t was established in 1996 by Hungarian private persons and the Hubel Kft . The goal was to establish a company that is capable of comprehensively planning, executing and maintaining spacial, high-class security systems.
HACSA TEL Telekommunikációs Szolgáltató Kft.
In 1994 the company started its activity that covers the construction of underground cables, overhead cables and computer networks. The company's main profile is to install and program PBXs, to construct telephonic and computer networks, to maintain the telephonic network of office blocks and to operate a telephone-service center.
Ham-Bell Kft.
Ham-Bell Kft. has been dealing with supplying and operating telecommunication equipment. Since 1992 the company operates as partner, and since 2000 as official distributor of Alcatel. Today besides supplying traditional PBX systems, the company also deals with constructing complex light-current systems: visual observing systems, entering systems, call-centers, application development.
LDSZ Vagyonvédelmi (property protection) Kft. has been helping to prevent crime since 1993 with high level technologies and services on reasonable prices. Its experts have been dealing with import, export and distribute electronic property protection devices since the liberalization of the Hungarian market. They also design, install, remotely manage and maintain such systems. Because of the continuously growing customer demands LDSZ Kft. has opened branches in many big cities of Hungary and is planning to open up some branches in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.
Human Resources Foundation
The goal of the Foundation is to support and develop a high quality vocational training apt for the European integration process. DSR Group sponsors the work of Human Resources Foundation through the Call Center Club.
INVITEL Távközlési Zrt.
Invitel provides over one million satisfied customers, including 50 thousand business accounts, with tailored telecommunications services in Hungary. In its telepoints, i.e. at 18 customer service sites throughout the country, it serves residential customers personally. The activities of Invitel’s business partners are supported by dedicated account managers.
ITC Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Kft.
ITC Kft. has been dealing with developing management software since 1992. In the same time the company started to develop pertaining networks as well. Later on it started the wholesale and high level retail trade of hardware and other software, too.
Kapsch and the history of European telecommunications in the 20th century are inextricably linked. The development of the company since 1892 is marked by growth and success: from a manufacturer of telephones to system supplier for road traffic telematics and telecommunications.
NET’54 Business Communication Ltd.
OMIKRON Számítógépes Kft.
Omikron Számítógépes Kft. deals with dispatcher-, managing and supervising systems; andtelecommunications and computer technology integrated control panels. The company's activity includes planning, constructing and on-site installation of the system constructed from modules according to individual demands.
Pro-M Zrt.
Pro-M Professzionális Mobilrádió Zrt. (Pro-M. Zrt.) is a member of the Magyar Telekom Group. Pro-M Zrt. is responsible for implementation of the Unified Digital Radio Communications System (UDCS) in Hungary. The purpose of the closed radio communications system that ensures very high availability is to implement professional connections between various emergency and law enforcement bodies that enable faster, more efficient and secure performance of various tasks.
Procomp Telecom Ltd.
The Procomp Telecom Ltd. has been dealing with the wholesale of telecommunication devices and services since 2000. They are a distributor company, keep contact only with resellers, and are not in a partnership with end users. The Procomp Telecom Ltd. is part of the Bravogroup Holding ( company group.
RISE International Ltd.
RISE International Ltd. has been distributing QNAP Turbo Station NAS servers, NMP media players and VioStor NVRs since 2008. Besides they design, install ans sale EALED® energy saving LED-based lighting appliances and systems for indoor & outdoor applications; IT, low-voltage and security systems and smart card solutions.
T-Systems Magyarország Zrt.
Hazánk egyetlen teljes körű infokommunikációs technológiai (IKT) termékportfólióval rendelkező szolgáltatójaként kezdte megújult működését a T-Systems Magyarország Zrt. 2012. október 1-jén. Az új, 100%-os Magyar Telekom-tulajdonban lévő vállalat, négy nagy múltú, a hazai piacon meghatározó iparági szereplő egyesítésével jött létre. Az elődcégeknél felhalmozott tudásnak és tapasztalatnak köszönhetően Magyarország piacvezető IKT-vállalata született meg, amely a mindennapi működéshez elengedhetetlen, teljes körű távközlési és IT infrastruktúra-, alkalmazásfejlesztési, illetve rendszerintegrációs szolgáltatásokat tud nyújtani ügyfeleinek. Az új T-Systems Magyarország integrált megoldásaival, nem utolsó sorban pedig kényelmes, hatékony és személyre szabható egycsatornás kapcsolattartási modelljével máris több mint 5500 nagyvállalati és államigazgatási ügyfelet szolgál ki. Ez nemcsak a hazai mezőnyben teszi piacvezető céggé, de egyúttal Európa egyik legjelentősebb infokommunikációs technológiai vállalatává avatja. Az új T-Systems Magyarország közel 2000 munkatársával, cégkompetenciái összehangolásával és rugalmas megoldásaival szakértő partnerséget és biztonságos infokommunikációs hátországot kínál ügyfelei, munkavállalói és partnerei részére – meghatározóan alakítva a magyarországi vállalkozások, ezáltal a magyar gazdaság jövőjét is.
TelegraM Ltd.
TelegraM Ltd. has been operating since 1985 and 100% Hungarian-owned. As the direct Hugarian distributor of Aastra Telecom Sweden (from 1 May, 2008; and Ericsson Enterprise AB from 2001) the company has been contributing in the success of its partners by providing an outstanding product portfolio and related high level services, countrywide service network, full scale operation and maintenance indirectly since 1994 and directly since 2001.
Telematika Ltd.
TELEMATIKA Ltd. was established in 1990 on the basis of the many years of experience they accumulated in telecommunications. At that time, their primary service was the installation and operation of computer-based telex stations. When installing these networks, the increasing IT demands must be taken into consideration. Over the past few years, Telematika Ltd. has undertaken a significant role in this modernization process, and accumulated a wealth of professional and technical expertise and experience both in terms of profound familiarity with the available solutions and in terms of building and operating the local networks serving these solutions.
Teleprofi Ltd.
The company was established in 1991. They deal with Aastra (Ericsson), Panasonic, Alcatel, Avaya, Siemens, Asterisk phone systems, telecommunication devices, call center, contact center solutions, tarification systems, informatics, networks, entering systems, light current systems, etc.
Teltech Informatikai Ltd.
The company was established as a postal private venture in 1894. In 1989 the venture's legal status was changed as a result of economic changes. From 1991 it has been operating under the name Teltech Trading and Service Ltd. They deal with private branch exchanges, faxes, phones, computer systems and related parts. Besides installing the company offers full scale maintenance and service.
Young B.T.S.
Young B.T.S. is one of the most steadily developing companies of IT and telecommunication market since its establishment in 1992. Today Young B.T.S. is one of the market leader medium-sized enterprises of the industry. The number of its returning partners is higher than 1000 and the financial stability of the company is prominent among the companies offering and having the same industrial profile.