Public utilities

Public Utilities

In our modern world infrastructure is essential for our everyday life.

Whether water, electricity, gas, sewage, waste disposal or public transportation, these services are provided by different entities responsible for their constant operation.  Millions of telephonic transactions are involved, including interactions with clients.

DSR recording and processing solutions are capable of recording all types of customer service calls, helping to resolve complaints and problematic issues more efficiently. This saves time, energy, and money..

In addition to recording for landline telephones, DSR can be used for recording, storing and archiving mobile phone communication and transactions at the clients' reception desks.

Another advantage of DSR voice recording and processing solutions is that a consolidated, centrally administered, and  expandable system can be built.  From start to finish we implement systems designed to specific customer needs, and offer advanced functionality like the advanced archiving, keyword identification, emotion detection and speech-to-text conversion.